What is an Auto Broker?
AA great alternative to buying a car from a dealer is using a professional automobile broker. Brokers act as intermediaries between you and the dealer. They contact dealers directly and come back to you with the best price. This price will beat what you could get yourself from a dealer since brokers have the leverage of buying large numbers of cars every year.

Brokers come in several varieties. They range from American Automobile Association (AAA) affiliates to used car dealers who become brokers of new vehicles as a sideline. Some brokers act solely as a referral service, putting you in touch with the dealer who offers the lowest price. In return, the broker receives either a commission from the dealer or a fee from the customer.

At Quinella Auto, we make all the arrangements on your behalf. Whether that’s a cash deal, leasing, or financing; buying new or used; trading in your current vehicle for an upgrade or purchasing your very first car. Our goal is to take care of everything from start to finish.

What are my financing options?
AAll manufacturers special rates are available for financing and leasing. If there are no special rates for leasing then we will source the best rates available.

If you are financing with your own bank, we will happily coordinate with them.

How does delivery takes place?
AFactory orders for new cars generally take between 10-12 weeks. We also source from dealer stock and compound inventory to provide immediate delivery.

Deliveries generally take place at our Vancouver office, where an ICBC agent will be on site to take care of your insurance requirements. The pre-delivery service and inspection will have been fully completed by the dealer so your vehicle will be showroom ready.

Will my car be under warranty?
AYour new vehicle will carry the full Manufacturer’s Warranty and is honored by any dealer that sells and services the make of the vehicle you have purchased with us.

We can also arrange extended warranties at your request.

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